Meeting for Worship: Money at Work 12-12-2020 11 am

Meeting for Worship: Money at Work

Saturday December 12th 2020  11 am EST

(Second Saturday of the Month!)


All Quakers use money.  

Sometimes money has a strange and powerful effect on people.  

Excitement, Suspicion, Rage, Fear, Security, Comfort, Shame and Empowerment are all words that come to mind while writing this.  

Money is so important to our lives that some Quakers spend large amounts of their lives trying to minimize their interactions with it, yet other Quakers spend most of their time focused on helping others as money managers and bankers.  

Did you know that British Quakers (a group of people much like us) banded together in the 1800s to start banks.  These Quakers used ethics, compassion, and their Quaker faith, which grew them into some of the biggest in the world?

When we work through our emotions around money, we are left with the very practical. 

How do our Quaker values affect our interactions with money now?  

How are we using money to deepen our Faith Community?

Please join us for worship sharing around the topic of money!

-Lee Rada, Jennifer Swann and Nick Dosch

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Saturday, December 12, 2020 – 11 am EST

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